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Clinical Psychotherapist M.S.,

Proud Member of: American Psychological Association & American Counseling Association


Hello! I'm Marsha Bernard & I became a therapist to address mental health issues within my community by focusing on the overall health and wellness of each individual. I value people being at their paramount and strive to counteract the effects of substance abuse,socioeconomic issues,depression, anxiety and other ailments that impairs daily function.

Areas of Expertise

Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy,Psychiatric Consultation, ADHD Specialist,Intake/Diagnostic Evaluations,Individual,Group, and Family Therapy,and Neuro Cog Evaluations & Substance Abuse.

Clinician participates as a member of an interdisciplinary healthcare treatment team.I provide a variety of treatment services including intake/diagnostic evaluations,individual,group, and family therapy, with some opportunities for neuro cog evaluations. I provide clinically sound treatment services based on treatment plans and ongoing client needs. Respond to a diverse range of clients using differential diagnoses and evidence based treatment approaches. Demonstrate clinically sound,ethical,and compliant practices. Maintains clinical records in accordance with insurance regulations and established policies and procedures. 


ADHD can be alarming if you don't understand what is happening in your child's mind. The next step for parents to learn more information about ADHD and how it impacts their child and/or teen is by visiting with a mental health practitioner. See your child behind all the labels and judgement:"unmotivated,lazy,defiant,distracted,unfocused,and hyper". ADHD is so much more than that.

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1777 Tamiami Trail Suite 411
Port Charlotte, FL 33948
    (941) - 979 - 9432

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